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This bold attempt to show the magnificent River Wharfe in all it's glory stems from our firm belief that it is the most diverse, dangerous, beautiful and interesting river in the universe.

The River Wharfe is a river in Yorkshire, England. For much of its length it is the county boundary between West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. The name Wharfe is Celtic and means "twisting, winding".

The valley of the River Wharfe is known as Wharfedale. The river source is at Beckermonds, Langstrothdale Chase in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and flows through Kettlewell, Grassington, Bolton Abbey, Addingham, Ilkley,
Burley-in-Wharfedale, Otley, Wetherby and Tadcaster. It then flows into the River Ouse near Cawood. The section of the river from its source to around Addingham is known as Upper Wharfedale. It has a very different character to the river thereafter downstream.

The Wharfe has a reputation of being very dangerous, particularly in or around "The Strid" inside the grounds of Bolton Abbey Estate. Many people have drowned while swimming in it, or trying to cross it.

The river is approximately 97km long before it joins the River Ouse. It is a public navigation from the weir at Tadcaster to its junction with the River Ouse near Cawood and tidal from Ulleskelf.

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